How To Become A Better Investor

Investing can be tough. Its no secret that most DIY investors under perform the market and would likely be better off investing in index funds. For those that want to go at it alone, like me, there are some things that can be done to improve your investment skills. It is important to point out that trading and investing are… Read More

Investing: Stocks vs. ETFs

When most of us think about investing, our thoughts immediately jump to stocks. However, many of us are wary of what can happen when you get involved ¬†with stock picking. Instead, people are more likely to feel comfortable with various funds, carefully arrayed according to an asset allocation strategy that makes sense for them. A relatively new entrant in the… Read More

How Debt is Holding You Back

One of the things most likely to hold you back in life is your debt. While it’s possible to borrow smart, and use debt as a way to leverage different opportunities, it can also drag your finances down. Using debt requires that you walk a fine line that can result in financial bondage if you aren’t careful. Even if you… Read More

Should You Do Your Own Taxes?

The year is almost over. Tax season is just starting. As you gather your documentation, pull up the IRS web site, and prepare to fill out your tax return, take a few minutes to consider your situation and determine whether or not you might have someone else prepare your tax return. Deciding to Turn Tax Prep Over to the Accountant… Read More

Who’s In Your Career Network?

One of the ways that you can improve your career is to use the power of a network. Career networking can provide you with inside information on who’s hiring, and provide you with an “in” when you apply for jobs. The right networking strategy can help you learn about where the jobs are — and how to get them. At… Read More

Do You Want To Be An Investor or a Creditor

Do you want to be an investor or a creditor? You may have never been asked that question but as an investor it is highly relevant and worth exploring. First, let’s figure out the difference. If you own a home, you know all too well how a creditor works. Your mortgage lender is a creditor and they expect payment regardless… Read More