Moneyed Up Monday – #1

By | July 12, 2010

This is first of many Moneyed Up Monday posts where we will summarize the posts from the web that will help you improve your finances by increasing your income and saving more of what you earn.

The picture this week is from Roadsidepictures.

Seven moneyedup posts that I enjoyed reading recently

Debt free by 30 – Including the mortgage – Now that is something to be proud of. 30 years old and Jesse has already paid off his mortgage, awesome. It was not an easy road but there are lessons to be learned.

You can be rich without being smart – Digerati Life makes a great point. There a lot of average people out there that make a killing. Making the right decisions about money doesn’t require a high IQ. And it doesn’t take a genius to innovate, create or start a business.

Man Vs Debt discusses his June Income and July’s Business update – Baker explains how he made $1777.94 in June from his blog and other freelance work. You can see what he has planned for July to help boost his income.

Are you spending intentionally? – I really enjoyed this post from Frugal Dad because he explains the difference between being frugal and cheap.

Income Streams – Posted as a guest post on ptMoney, Kevin hits the nail on the head. People spend so much time focusing on reducing their spending that they miss out on opportunities to increase their income.

Income with Dividend Stocks – Speaking of income, 20smoney has a great post that explains how investing in the right dividend stocks can increase your income.

Take charge of your money – Jessica asks us seven questions we should all know the answer to. If not, you might have some work to do tonight.

Would you spend more if you made more? – Good discussion over at My Journey To Millions. It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times. My goals helped me decide on the answer.