5 reasons why your boss doesn’t like you


Do you think your boss does not like you? You may find this hard to hear, but I hope we can shed some light on the common issues that put stress on the employee/boss relationship.

If you really believe that your boss does not like you, the problem may not be with him, it may be with you. For the sake of discussion, “he” will refer to your boss.

A lot of people think that their boss doesn’t like them and it’s their boss’ problem. I’m sorry to say, but that is rarely the case. If your boss doesn’t like you, he probably has a reason, and it’s probably a good one. Every situation is different, but only one of the reasons I’ve listed below is your boss’ fault.

1. You are late or go missing

Why do people think that others won’t notice if they show up late or disappear for long stretches of time? Nothing gets you a bad reputation faster than when you are constantly late for work or cannot be found for long periods of time. You might think your boss doesn’t notice your 2-hour lunches, but he does. Do it often enough, and you’ll will put a bad taste in his mouth. If your boss, or anyone else for that matter, has said something to you about your time spent in the office, then that should be your first clue.

2. The boss can’t count on you

If you notice that your boss gives more work to your coworkers than he gives to you, this might be your problem. Unfortunately, managers often give their best employees more work because they know they will do it right. If your skills are lacking or you don’t work hard, your boss might not like you because you don’t provide enough value. The process to fire someone can be so painful that managers sometimes leave a bad employee with no work to do rather than try to get them replaced.

3. You talk bad about the boss

You may not like your boss, but act like you do. If you openly speak poorly of him, he will eventually find out. No one likes to be bad-mouthed, and when he hears that you don’t like him or that you talk negatively about him behind his back, it will be a natural reaction for him to dislike you in return. Show him respect and be pleasant, even if you don’t want to.

4. The boss is intimidated by you

A lot of people misidentify this as their situation. It is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. When you are confident and talented, an insecure boss may feel threatened by you. If this really is your situation, then you’re already an all-star and you know that you should work to make your boss feel supported instead of threatened.

5. You make the boss look bad

If your boss is counting on you for something and you don’t deliver, he won’t like you. Frequent mistakes, poor work quality, and lack of ability will not only reflect poorly on you, but it will also make your boss look bad. If you can’t meet your boss’ expectations or don’t want to try, start looking for another job.

Wrapping it up

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like your boss doesn’t like you, consider a reality check. Be honest with yourself about why this person doesn’t like you, and figure out what you can do about it. If you just cannot reconcile the your differences, there is no shame looking for another job. But remember this, if every boss you’ve had doesn’t like you, the chances are pretty good that you are the real problem, not your boss.


5 Responses to “5 reasons why your boss doesn’t like you”
  1. Andressa says:


    So, I think that my boss doesn’t like me. I’ve been working for a seven years at the same company. My boss is working at our company for 9 months. So, I’ve been working hard, very hard, but my salary is pretty low! So, I decided to ask him for a raise, and he didn’t like the idea. Since this day, he doesn’t talk to me, and I’m feeling pretty bad! He gave me the raise, but this situation is very uncomfortable. What can I do?

    • Ramsay says:

      Hi Andressa,

      That sounds like a tough situation. I think there are a couple of things you can do. If it’s possible I’d ask him about it directly. Sit down with him and tell him you’ve noticed some tension since you got the raise.

      If you aren’t comfortable doing that then take the “how can I make you successful approach.” Do everything you can to make his job easier and help him be successful. It’s hard not to like employees that do that.

  2. moroccan smart says:

    this who i am i like all people but if i feel someone doesn’t like me one time i don’t like him or her 1000000000 time i don’t care if his is my boss or god good like

  3. Jimba says:

    Yeah, it’s tuff. It’s not my direct boss who doesn’t like me, it’s another boss who has recently become the executive director of my place of employment. She’s been quite sick and came back yesterday to say hi. Her body language to me was noted by my boss, which is kind of sad.

    She’s a careerist: ambitious, efficient, borderline narrcist. I think I left a foul taste in her mouth when I first started. I didn’t know who was who in the zoo or told about the procedure for meeting and greeting guests. I was thrust into this situation and I didn’t greet her guests to her liking, and sadly an opinion has been formed ever since.

    Anyway, I’m not a low level employee but I get the impression she does no feel I should be in the position I have, even though my boss has been very happy with my work and she has nothing to do with my supervision. I am not perfect, to be sure, but I’ve now developed a bad taste, which is unfortunate for all.


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