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I’ve found seven great blog posts that I wanted to share with the moneyedup readers.

This weeks posts are focused on financial education, moneyed thinking and as always, increasing income. There just happened to be a few guest posts selected which is not normal for me.

1. Investor Psychology
The Digerati Life has a guest post on the top five ways to go broke. This is a great post that addresses the way we think and how it may be limiting our own success. This is an important read for anyone that manages their own investments.

2. Four Ways To Spend
Milton Friedman is one of the great economic minds of our time. He past away in 2006 but has left us with a great deal of wisdom. The Financial Samurai posted video clip of Mr. Friedman in four different ways to spend money. I have to agree that spending someone else’s money on someone else is the worst way to spend money.

3. A Plan To Retire Early
Another guest post, A plan to financial independence at 35. I remember thinking that I wanted to retire at 35 when I was in high school. I’m 32 now so I don’t think I will retire at 35, but 40 is not out of the question. I like Rachel’s idea but I don’t like her plan. She is setting herself up to live a boring frugal cheap life. I’d rater focus on ways to increase my income and work a little longer so there will be more to enjoy.

4. Online Resources For Freelancers
I really like the first paragraph in Six online resources every freelancer should use. Things really have changed from our parents day. We have so many different opportunities to earn extra money. This guest post has a few important resources for people in the freelance biz.

5. Ask Or Be Told No
I could not agree more. Asking has so much power but people often refuse to use it. Man vs debt explains why if you don’t ask the answer is always no. This isn’t just about asking for a raise. It’s about asking for what you want in life.

6. Virtual Assistant
I found this post very interesting because I’ve been considering using a virtual assistant. There plenty of cheap labor options but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I’m unsure of the value. TFB explains why virtual assistants add value if you use them to focus on the right things.

7. I Must Do
This is an inspiring blog post based on a quote from an inspiring first lady. Eventual Millionaire quotes Eleanor Roosevelt, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” I really believe that most people can learn to do anything. This post will help people take that first step towards doing something great.


4 Responses to “Moneyedup Monday – Guest posts”
  1. Thanks for including my post in your round up. You have a great list of amazing bloggers, and a few posts I haven’t read this week. Gives me a chance to read them!


  2. WRT to the guest post on my site: One reason people retire early is often that they find work boring or otherwise not rewarding and if they’re frugal, they don’t need the same level of income to have fun. To pursue a weak analogy, if you have more wilderness skills, you don’t need to haul as much stuff in your backpack to get the same job done.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! This is a good list of posts from bloggers that give me a lot of food for thought. :)

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