Roundup: Lessons Learned


Life is about learning lessons. And, in finances, there are all sorts of lessons to be learned. From the basics, like spending more than you earn, to ideas about improving your passive income, there are a number of solid lessons for the learning. If you are interested in a few nuggets of knowledge from some great bloggers, here are some of the lessons learned from the past week in the blogosphere:

  1. 9 Indispensable Financial tips for Teens & Twentysomethings: Len Penzo, with his typical humorous flair, offers some great insights into finances. These are tips that you must follow in your teens and 20s if you want to build a strong financial foundation for life.
  2. Gift Cards Make Terrible Gifts: The holiday season is approaching faster than you think. While you might be tempted to just give a gift card, a guest poster at Sweating the Big Stuff tells you why this is a bad idea. Be very careful of the kinds of gift cards you send out.
  3. Recession is the best Professor: Are you ready to learn a lesson from the recession? Over at MoneyMamba, JT McGee shares some insights to be gleaned from the recent economic downcycle.
  4. Time That I Do Not Want My Money’s Worth: We’re all supposed to get our money’s worth, right? Well, Everyday Tips and Thoughts takes a look at times when your money’s worth might not be all it’s cracked up to be.
  5. Why We Talk So Much About Passive Income While You Still Have To Work Your Ass Off To Make it Happen: Even though you might have “passive” income, it doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no work involved. Especially if you’re a blogger. The Financial Blogger points out that you need to work to get things going — even if you are building passive income.
  6. Predicting Stock Returns for Fun and Profit: Barbara Friedberg hosts a guest post from Rob Bennett taking a look at how predictions are difficult when it comes to the stock market. Lesson: You can’t always know what will happen next.
  7. Getting Out of Debt Takes a Plan and Accountability [You vs Debt Course]: PT Money takes a look at how you can get out of debt following a great course. Make a plan and do it right.

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