Billionaire Profile: Dwight Schar


Dwight Schar is a high powered Real Estate Entrepreneur and was featured as one of the 2009 Forbes Richest Americans. He is the founder and Executive Chairman, as well as the Chairman of Executive Committee of NVR Inc., a Real Estate business based in the U.S. His company is the seventh largest home building company in the country.

In addition to being a successful real estate mogul, Dwight is also well known for his philanthropic contributions. Dwight grew up in Ohio and started off as a junior high school teacher. He would sell homes during the weekends and while doing this, he found his true calling. Shortly thereafter, he left his teaching position to start a career in the home building industry. He founded NVHomes, a real estate business, in 1980.

How Dwight Made His Fortune

Dwight founded his own real estate business, NVHomes, in 1980. He grew his business over the years and turned it into a real estate giant. His company became one of the largest home builders in the United States, and he took it public in 1986. In 1987, he borrowed an enormous sum of money to acquire his former employer, Ryan Homes, and changed the name of the company to NVR. He filed for bankruptcy in 1992, from which he later recovered. In addition to his business dealings, Dwight has made hundreds of millions of dollars from stock sales.

What Dwight Does Today

Dwight still remains the Executive Chairman and the Chairman of Executive Committee of NVR Inc. He also serves as the managing partner alongside Dan Snyder at Red Zone Capital, which has the rights to Dick Clark Productions, Johnny Rockets Resturant and Red Zebra Radio Stations. Dwight also owns a minority share in the Washington Redskins and is a stakeholder in Six Flags amusement parks. He acquired Ronald Perelman’s property in Palm Beach in 2004 for a price of $70 million. This investment is the most expensive personal property owned by Dwight. He lives in his Palm Beach property, and also in McLean, Virginia. In addition to his impressive list of business dealings, he is also a significant charitable donor and a significant participant in Republican politics. Dwight was one of the largest fundraisers for the President Bush re-election effort, and he held and important position on the Bush inaugural committee.

Follow In Dwight’s Footsteps

Dwight did not become a real estate mogul and multimillionaire overnight. It took him many years of hard work and true dedication to get to where he is today. Along the way, Dwight faced many challenges, and he persevered and overcame them all. He used his brain, developed a clear vision for his business, and was passionate about his goals. It took him time to discover what he wanted and when he did, he was not afraid to change direction. Dwight is living proof that dreams can come true, but you have to be willing to work hard for it and you have to believe in yourself.

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