Roundup: More for Your Budget

By | October 4, 2011

Do you wish you had more money in your budget? Many of us do. But what are you doing about it? Are you taking action to either spend less or earn more? (Or do both?) If you want to improve your budget outlook, you need to first look at what you’ve been doing with your money. Here some great posts from around the PF blogosphere about what you can do to improve your budget situation:

  1. The Real Secret to Achieving Financial Freedom on a Modest Income: Len Penzo takes those who complain that they don’t earn enough, while still buying all sorts of “wants.” The real secret to achieving financial freedom is understanding the difference between needs and wants, and making tough choices.
  2. Why Doesn’t the 80% Rule Offer Enough Money To Retire?: Over at Bible money Matters, there is an in-depth look at the factors that can erode your nest egg. Watch out: the 80% rule may be insufficient.
  3. Vacationing On A Budget: 2 Money Saving Tips: Christian PF offers a look at 2 important — and practical — tips for saving while on vacation. Stick to your budget and have fun, too.
  4. Care for Your Car on a Budget: The Credit Karma Blog has some great ideas for caring for your car for less. You can actually save money by doing a lot of the maintenance yourself.
  5. No More Car Loan: 7 Steps to Stop the Cycle of Car Payments: If you want stop the debt related to car loans, you can follow these steps offered by Boomer & Echo. A great way to keep more of your money by avoiding auto loans.
  6. Small Changes Add Up To Big Savings: You really can make some small changes in your life, to add them up to big savings. Canadian Finance Blog takes a look at how small choices can have a big impact.
  7. How to Prove Your Usefulness, Keep Your Job, and Maybe Even Get Ahead: Be Indispensable: Want to have a bigger budget to begin with? Free From Broke takes a look at how you can make yourself indispensable at work.