Business Ideas

We are starting to wake up to the fact that our economy has changed and we cannot depend on a regular 9-5 job to achieve the American dream. Extreme career advancement or supplemental income is a new requirement for the family of 4 to live well financially. Our career tips seek to help you improve your career. Our business ideas are ways to help you earn extra income that can supplement your salary or maybe someday replace your salary all together.

If you haven’t come around to the idea of having a second income just for the sake of money then you may be interested in a second career just to diversify your skill set. Whatever your reason is, its a good reason. This page will contain links to most of the business ideas we publish

How To
- SEO Career, become a SEO pro
- Drop shipping as a side business
- Start a moving company
- Start a consulting business
- Freelance
- Start a virtual assistant business
- Start a freelance recruiter company

- Freelance writer
- Write a book and publish it